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Do more – setup products, take donations or sell video subscriptions all with world class video. 

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Contact with Just CoachName & Email Address
Monthly Newsletter
CPD History
Client Reviews & Ratings
Secure Client Contact
BookingsUnlimited Client Online Bookings
Take Payments Online
Online Videotelephony Sessions
Face to Face Sessions
Booking email confirmation to client
Calendar Invite for client
Client Monthly Subscriptions
Vacation Function - delegate access
Online Video & Web ChatUnlimited Number of Sessions
Pre-booked Paid Sessions
Unlimited unpaid Ad hoc sessions - 1:1
Unlimited unpaid Ad hoc sessions - 1:many
Online ShopShop Profile Templates
Shop Profile Customisable *
Number of items in Shop250unlimited
Physical Products010Unlimited
Client Invoicing & Returns
Client Refunds & Discounts
MarketingFeature in Monthly Newsletter
Bespoke Marketing Campaigns
Liability InsuranceThrough UK Coaching
SupportHow to guides
Telephone Support (premium rate)
Live Web Chat Session
Telephone Support (local rate)
Priority Telephone Support (local rate)
PricingMonthly Fee (cancel anytime)£10.99£26.99£53.99

*Shop profile and video room templates are customisable at an additional fee of £10 per template

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Yes, once you have registered, continue to set up your profile where you will be able to select multiples from a list of sports. If your sport is not in the list contact us and we’ll add it as quickly as we can.

What ever sport you can coach in, you can offer yourself as a coach. 

You can however if you do so, you will loose all of the Star ratings and client reviews. For this reason we have set the Bronze level subscription very low and it will enable you to keep up with the community and keep your history during your sport’s off season. 

No, it is the school’s or youth team’s representatives responsibility that coaches match their own child protection protocols. 

For Coaches, we recommend you keep your own DBS certificates up to date.

To begin with, no. we are still working on streamlining our site and as such will be opening further capabilities.

For now just chose “Other” and contact us at [email protected] with the sport you’d like to add and we’ll add it to the list right away.

Yes, our dedicated video platform allows for you to offer video based training and monetize any attendees. We can cater for hundreds of simultaneous video conference users. 

Our video platform is integrated with the membership platform and as such you needn’t share any information more than your onscreen username and the same for your attendees.